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The #1 Professional Home Inspection Services in Webster, TX

Work With An Expert Home Inspection Company to Help Identify Items in Need of Repair to Get a Better Understanding of the Home's true Value Before You Buy.

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Protect Your Investment With a Home Inspection in Webster, TX

A house is an expensive investment. Before you jump the gun, it's important to have a licensed Texas Home Inspector view it to give you an honest analysis of it's condition.

A Realtor can come up with a value based on comparative sales in the area, but the value they come up with will not factor in items in need of repair identified by the home inspector. 

Give us a Call, We can Help!

Inspect Texas has helped hundreds of Webster, TX locals with their home inspections so you can trust us to be honest, professional, reliable, and efficient!

To get started, schedule your home inspection services in Webster, TX today.

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The Inspect Texas Home Inspection Process

Step 1: Contact Us

Get in touch with us and we will set up an appointment to come visit your home.

Step 2: Inspection Day

On the day of your scheduled inspection, we will come to your home and carry out the inspection. This process takes about two to four hours on average, depending on the size of your home.

Step 3: Get Your Home Inspection Report

We'll send over a easy-to-read detailed report, filled with pictures, illustrations, and code references, the same day of inspection. Check out one of our sample home inspection reports here.

Attention to Detail

When we inspect a home, we use a home inspection checklist to cover everything.  We will inspect every major component of the home. This includes a lengthy walk-through to slowly and methodically go through each room of the house and attic. Learn more about what we inspect.

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Competitive Rates

We pride ourselves on offering fair rates regardless of customer location or property price. Within the Webster, TX market, our pricing is very competitive.

See Our Rates!

Range of Experience

With over five years of hands-on home inspection experience, Inspect Texas has you covered. When you work with us, take in mind that we inspect each home as if a family member would be purchasing the house. We will provide you the best inspection so that you can make a very informed decision. 

Learn More About What We Inspect

Schedule Your Home Inspection Service in Webster, TX Today

Look no further! Everything you need and more is right here.  Get in touch with us to schedule your home inspection today.

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