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Houston Home inspections have mostly been driven by the buyer and due to TREC rules, the seller never receives the full inspection report.  This is largely due to the way real estate is done.  Instead of giving the entire inspection report to the seller, the buyers agent discuss the issues the buyer wants repaired or replaced and submits what is called the amendment. The amendment is the required TREC form used to convey the buyer's wants and needs to the seller during the option period. Then if the buyer and seller can not come to terms during the option period, the buyer can walk away with earnest money. 



This process usually frustrates and blind sides the seller because the seller had no idea these problems even existed. Most real estate agents know how to list the property and put it on the market, but few know what to look for and discuss with the owner as far as potential problems that will show up later in the buyers inspection. 

For this reason, it would benefit the seller to have a Pre Listing inspection performed. Having your home inspected before putting it on the market identifies the issues the buyer's inspector will be looking for.  This will allow the seller time to address issues noted in the report and have a more realistic expectation during the sales process. 

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