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The Top professional Houston Home Inspection Team

We're a home inspection company in the Greater Houston, TX area. Work with a member of our Texas home inspection team and make sure that your home is up at its best.

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Get The Best Home Inspection Houston Has To Offer.

Whether you're looking to sell your home, moving in somewhere new, or you're just wanting to make sure there are no major structural damages, finding a home inspector you can trust is tough. After all, you want to make sure that your Texas Home Inspection covers everything in the house!

Rather than Googling "home inspector Houston TX" and hoping for the best, work with a home inspector Houston residents already recommend. The team at Inspect Texas has been helping locals with their home inspections for years, and that means that we know everything to look for in a Texas home.


Reach out to our team to schedule a visit from a Texas Home Inspector! 

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Comprehensive Home Inspections At Affordable Rates.

When we inspect your home, we cover everything under the sun. That means that we will do a thorough walk through and check every nook and out of the way corner to make sure that we haven't missed anything. What's more, we'll bring along special tools and equipment that allow us to check for possible wet areas behind walls or that's hidden under carpets.

And the best part? We do all that at a low cost! When you hire Inspect Texas for your home inspection needs, you know that you're getting assisted by a team that keeps costs to a minimum. That's because we're passionate about what we do and we care about getting every homeowner the information they need about their house.

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Schedule A Home Inspection Today

Don't wait to get your home inspection in Houston, TX. Get started today.

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