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If you are having a new home built, Inspect TEXAS can help with phase inspection.

A phase is simply a place in time during the construction process. We make 3 trips during the construction process. 

Pre-Pour Inspection - inspect the foundation before they pour concrete.

This inspection is mostly to make sure the moisture barrier has been installed correctly.

Pre Drywall Inspection - this inspection is to inspect framing, electrical and plumbing systems before they are covered up. 

Final Inspection - This is a full home inspection performed a couple of days before your final walk through with builder. 


If you are buying a New Build home, we can perform a pre walk through inspection. Either way, new construction phase inspection or pre walk through Houston Home Inspection, Inspect TEXAS will test each system of the home,  ie. Structural, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, and Appliances, and provide a punch list of items in need of repair. You can then give the report to your builder prior to your final walk through so you can make sure the builder addresses these issues prior to you closing on the house. Remember, the builder will not be as responsive to your wants and needs after you actually take possession of the house.   Use this time to make sure items noted in my inspection report get addressed to your satisfaction prior to closing and funding. 

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