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We provide professional home inspection reports delivered the same day with reliable service at competitive rates. Inspect TEXAS will not always have the lowest price, but will never have the highest price. 

We have nothing to hide and will not try to gouge our customers based on location and price of home.

Our pricing is considered very competitive.

Inspect TEXAS Pricing

$325  for      0    sq ft   to   999  sq ft

$350  for  1000  sq ft  to  1499  sq ft

$375  for  1500  sq ft  to  1999  sq ft 

$400  for  2000  sq ft  to  2499  sq ft 

$425  for  2500  sq ft  to  2999  sq ft

$450  for  3000  sq ft  to  3499  sq ft

$500  for  3500  sq ft  to  3999  sq ft

$600  for  4000  sq ft  to  4499  sq ft

$700  for  4500  sq ft  to  5000  sq ft

In addition to the above pricing: 

Add  $35   for homes older than 30 years old.

Add  $50   for homes with sprinkler systems

Add  $75   for homes with pools / spas

Add  $125 for homes with pier and beam foundations

WDI Inspection or Wood Destroying Insects Inspection Rates

$75  for homes up to 2500 sq ft.

$150 for homes above 2500 sq ft

Call for pier and beam foundation 




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