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The Top-Rated LaPorte, Texas Home Inspection Company

We offer professional Texas home inspection services so buyers and sellers know the true value of a home.

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Thorough and Detailed Home Inspections in LaPorte, TX

A house is an expensive investment. Before you jump the gun, it's important to have a licensed home inspector come in to give a more comprehensive value to your home. Having a friend or your dad, who is not a licensed home inspector, inspect your future home is not the same as having someone that performs home inspections every day.


Whether you're looking to buy a new home, sell your current one, or just want to learn how much your home is worth now, we can help. We will send over a Texas Home Inspection expert.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of LaPorte, TX locals with their home inspections so we know what we are talking about! Schedule your professional home inspection services today to get started.

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The Home Inspection Process

Step 1: Get In Touch

When you need a home inspection in LaPorte, TX, we're more than happy to help. After you contact us, we will schedule your Texas home inspection on our calendar.

Step 2: Inspection Day

On the day of your scheduled appointment, we will come to your home and carry out the inspection. We will give you feedback on anything we may find in your home. Expect the inspection to take two to four hours, depending on the size of your home.

Step 3: Receive the Home Inspection Report

We'll send over a detailed inspection report shortly after the home inspection, making sure that it's clear and easy-to-read with photos and color illustrations. Check out  one of our sample reports.

Your Top Choice for Professional Home Inspections in LaPorte, TX

With over five years of experience and hundreds of detailed home inspections, Inspect Texas has you covered. We pride ourselves on offering fair rates regardless of customer location or the price of the property. When we inspect a home, we work off of a detailed checklist to make sure we don't miss a thing. With Inspect Texas by your side, know that you are in safe hands.

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Schedule your LaPorte, Texas Home Inspection Today

Don't wait to get your home inspection. Part of the home buying process is that you enter into a "Earnest Money Contract". In the earnest money contract there is what's called an "Option Period". This period of time, typically only 7 to 10 days long, is to have inspections made and all negotiations done.  Sellers and buyers need to have it worked out, documented and signed during this option period.  So it only makes since to get inspections made towards the beginning of the option period to allow time for negotiations.  

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