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Do I really need a home inspection?

If you are buying a home in the Houston, Pasadena, LaPorte, Baytown, League City Pearland or Dickinson area, the short answer is YES! Having the home you are purchasing inspected by a licensed home inspector can save you thousands by negotiating items in need of repair with the seller. Based on the amount of defective components we see on a daily basis, any home buyer that chooses not to have a home inspection performed prior to buying a home is taking a serious risk. Allot of times, homes have hidden problems the the seller and buyer didn't even know existed.

Picture of a cracked slab foundation.

HVAC problems can cost upwards of $20,000

Roofing problems can cost $15,000 to $20,000

Foundation problems can set you back $30,000

Electrical issues can cost several thousand dollars

Plumbing issues can cost several thousand dollars

Appliances not working can cost several thousand dollars

Water heater not working can cost over a thousand dollars

If the home inspection reveals items for you to address with the seller... Great!

If the home inspection does not reveal defective items, well that's Great too because at least you will know all the major components of your new home have been inspected with no issues being noted. This peace of mind will help you sleep better at night.

It's always better to have the seller pay to have defective components repaired or replaced than you being stuck having to deal with it.

Inspect TEXAS can help! Give us a call.

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